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What is Mobile Sensory Play Garden?

A mobile sensory play garden is an outdoor nature based experience for children and their carers where children can:

Learn about themselves, develop their fine and gross motor skills and learn about their natural environment with the following activities;

Play trays filled with water, mud, sand and one with a sensory play activity. Sensory play activity to be themed differently each week with loose parts. Example under the sea, dinosaurs, Alphabet soup.

Provide small garden beds with herbs and edible plants for children and carers to smell, touch and taste. Provide worms for digging up in the soil to observe/touch.

Provide wooden stepping blocks, soft play pieces and wooden blocks for building.

Be creative, express themselves and develop their sense of self in their world through;

Imaginative play with a wooden bridge to climb over and dress ups for role play

Painting vertically on a Perspex easel or on paper.

Playing  musical instruments

Provide an opportunity for families to purchase;

Activity cards to help carers incorporate nature and everyday living into theirs and their children’s life.

Some examples are ABC/Colour/5 senses nature scavenger hunts

Guessing game using 5 senses.

Seeds and small pots to plant their own herbs/edible flowers at home with accompanying life cycle fact sheet of a plant and benefits of plants.

Children’s messy play activity packs with benefits, instructions and ingredients.

Craft activities such as doll making, decorating wooden spinning tops

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Engage your child’s senses, while they play and learn in nature, with natural play elements.


What Our Families are Saying

Katrina L

I didnt know what to really expect so we gave it ago. I’m so glad we did. My son loved the experience so much.
Playing with natural blue goop and making natural slime.
I didnt relise how beneficial it is to see and allow your kids to just get messy. I dont engage in it at home and I’m going to change that and absolutely attend more of Maria’s sensory play sessions. Please have a go I think shes really onto something here guys.